Plenty of Fish (POF) Review

Plenty of Fish - Join world's biggest free dating site


  • Popular and regularly visited site
  • Most features are free


  • Site navigation can be challenging

POF Review

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a very popular internet dating site that has gained a mass following in countries including: Ireland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada and United States. With over 6 million visitors a month this internet dating site boast its ability to find a match for anyone. Plenty of fish is not visually appealing like Match. com or other dating websites, but it does provide easy to use features. This is great for older members who may not be as computer savvy as their younger counterparts.

Most of Plenty of Fish features are free and easy to access. As of 2010 some of these features have become upgraded and now cost a little money to access. Though some of these features cost money, they are not overpriced and can fit into any one’s budget. Since Plenty of Fish has some many visitors and users, this is a good indication of the chances of success for most of the users on this site. By its sheer size alone you have more chances of meeting, more people, having more dates and increasing the chances of your meeting the right person.

Plenty of Fish dating site has one of the quickest registration fill out forms available. Most of the question can be answered later, so you can quickly start looking through available singles who would like to meet you. Plenty of fish offers all of its messaging services free of charge. That means instant messaging, winks, smiles and matching can be done without a cent out of your pocket. This is beneficial because most people do not know if they will find someone they really like and you do not want to spend money for a service that may not offer you anything.

Plenty Of Fish dating service comes standard with tons of different options for its users and has full functionalities that you'd expect from a web-based dating service, including private messages, im, searching along with a chemistry-automated matching system. There is a general dating help center that can give you more information on any subjects that you may have. There is also a hot or not service that allows you to rate pictures and rate them on attractiveness. You can also ban certain people from viewing your personal information, photos and updates. This is a security feature that has been in place since 2010. You can also add people to your favorite’s list and see any updates that they may have posted.

The benefit of having a dating forum is a very unique trait for this internet dating service. There are tons of users that use this dating service strictly for this service. It gives them an opportunity to ask questions and answer questions on different topics about relationships. Most of these members will add ”strictly for the forums or some variant of this saying to their update”. This services also allows users to organize group dates and other social events that can include anyone that they would like to join.

Another unique feature of Plenty of Fish is the who you will marry feature. This feature automatically syncs you up with your ideal matches. For most people they will be matched with profiles that they may not ignored or never seen before. Another interesting feature on Plenty of Fish is the who loves me feature. This feature allows you to see whose favorite list you are on. This is allows you to see if you have caught the eye of a special person. All of these features allow you to increase your chances of meeting someone special and adds a bit of variety and spice to dating.

Finding a great person to spend a night with or the rest of your life with can be found on Plenty of Fish. It provides you with all sorts of different features that can make finding a person that makes you happy. At the end of the day thats what we all want to be is happy with the person that we are with. The Plenty of Fish features are mostly free, but the ones that you have to pay for are not that expensive and provide you with awesome services.

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